More Voter Information

What Type of Voter Do You Want to Be?

  • To be an Early Informed Voter - voters should be registered by 60 days before the election. This will ensure that their voter record is on the first run of names sent to the Secretary of State for the statewide voter information pamphlet and to the printer for mailing of the County's sample ballot pamphlet. If registered by this time line, the State Voter Information Guide will be mailed between 40 and 21 days before the election and the County Sample Ballot Pamphlet will be mailed between 40 and 30 days before the election.
  • To Be an Informed Voter - voters must be registered by 29 days before the election. Any voter registering between 59 and 29 days before the election will be mailed the State Voter Information Guide and the County Sample Ballot by between 15 and 10 days before the election.
  • To Be a Voter - Anyone registered between 28 and 15 days before the election will NOT receive any of the official publications in the mail. The voter will be sent a notification card which will contain his/her polling place location and information on where to obtain a copy of the official information, including a website, if available on the internet.
  • Confidential Voter - Certain voters facing life-threatening situations may qualify for confidential voter status.  Please visit the Secretary of State's Web site for further information on the Safe At Home program.

Election Information To Remember

  • Register Early - We all know our tendency to procrastinate but as we get closer to any election, the date by which a voter is registered has an impact on the timing and extent of official election material the voter will receive. The two official publications that registered voters will receive are:
  • Voter Information Guide - produced and mailed by the Secretary of State- contains all official information pertaining to statewide ballot measures. Often the Secretary of State is required to produce a Supplemental Voter Information Guide which contains information about statewide ballot measures placed on the ballot after the voter information guide was printed.
  • Sample Ballot Pamphlet - produced and mailed by the County Registrar of Voters- this guide contains a sample of the ballot pertaining to the voter, candidate statement information and information on local measures. In addition, the pamphlet contains instructions on voting, the location of the voters polling place and an application for an absentee ballot.