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When and where is this service offered?

This service is available anytime throughout the year, online or in-person at the Clerk-Recorder Office in San Luis Obispo during regular business hours except during County-observed holidays.  

Location, directions and hours of operation

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Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM* Wednesday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM* *Last transactions processed 30 minutes prior to closing

1055 Monterey Street Suite D120
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

Tel: (805) 781-5080

Fax: (805) 781-1111


Your legal description defines the boundaries of your property. The Clerk-Recorder office will have any maps referenced in your legal description to assist you or a licensed surveyor identify your property lines.

The Clerk-Recorder office will have all the information regarding the title to your property. This includes the ownership history and legal description of the property. If you are looking for information regarding permits (added a room or major remodel) that information would be available through the Planning and Building Department.

The Clerk-Recorder has records back to 1850. The index of records from 1923 to the present is available on this site. Images of records from August 8, 2001 to the present may be purchased and downloaded from this site. Older documents may be viewed or purchased at either of our office locations.

Divorces are not recorded documents, they are documents filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court.