Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Our Strategies: 

Leadership and Development: We are dedicated to nurturing a leadership team and workforce that is not only culturally aware but actively engages in practices that promote equity and inclusion. Through continuous education and training, we empower our staff to serve with empathy, respect, and competence. 

Policy and Program Enhancement: Our commitment extends to the meticulous shaping of policies, services, and programs that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We strive for excellence in accessibility, ensuring that every individual's needs are met with dignity and respect. 

Community Engagement and Partnership: Recognizing the strength in collaboration, we are eager to forge lasting relationships with community organizations and community advisors. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable environment for all members of our community. 

Continuous Improvement: We believe in the power of reflection and adaptation. By actively seeking feedback and challenging our assumptions, we commit to ongoing growth in our DEIB efforts, ensuring that our actions always align with our values of respect, access, empowerment, and understanding. 

Together, with our dedicated committee's and the collective efforts of our staff and community partners, we pledge to make a lasting impact—fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging that transcends the boundaries of our department and enriches the lives of all we serve.   

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