Older Adult Full Service Partnership (FSP)

Behavioral Health partners with Wilshire Community Service, Inc. to provide client driven services to Older Adults who are at risk of inappropriate or premature out-of-home placement due to a serious mental illness and, in many instances, co-occurring medical conditions that impact their ability to remain in home/community environments.

The Older Adult FSP Case Aide works as part of the FSP team at Wilshire Community Services. The Case Aid supports the overall administration and implementation of the Older Adult Full Service Partnership Program. The Case Aide works closely with the FSP clinician and case managers to assist with the management and implementation of treatment plans. Services may include:

  • Supportive advocacy, case management, and rehabilitative mental health services
  • Regular appointments with psychiatrists and other mental health staff
  • Regular access to medical services
  • Highly individualized treatment planning and goal setting
  • Vocational and educational opportunities
  • The development of independent living skills, including cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, conflict resolution, money management, and social skills
  • Co-occurring disorder support groups for clients who also have problems with substance abuse
  • Activities designed to promote wellness and recovery within an integrated community setting

The Full Service Partnership Program focuses on encouraging each consumer’s recovery and pursuit of a full, productive life by working with the whole person, rather than only focusing on alleviating symptoms. Services and staff teams are fully integrated with the participant to give each member a range of choices; making the consumer the main decision maker in his or her own recovery process.

Housing opportunities
Supportive FSP housing may be available, but adults and older adults who currently have their own housing may receive services and participate in activities in their homes and within the immediate community as well. Program participants are assisted in their efforts to gain the skills needed to make choices that reflect their own values, preferences, and goals; supports are developed to meet each person’s needs and to empower each individual to attain their highest level of independence possible.

For more information please contact our access line at 1 (800) 838-1381.