Youth Group Home/Residential Mental Health Services

These youth typically have severe emotional/behavioral challenges that negatively impact their home, school and community. Many of these youth have been unsuccessful in an outpatient treatment setting and experienced multiple foster home placements before being placed in a group home or residential treatment facility. An array of mental health services are provided in these settings that include assessment; individual, family and group therapy; individual and group rehabilitation; crisis services; collateral and case management.

A case manager works with youth who are unable to live at home or be in their local school settings. They consult with probation officers, social workers and/or school districts regarding the appropriate in county, out of county, or out of state placement and assist in developing a plan for the youth to transition back to San Luis Obispo County. The case manager routinely visits youth in placement to make sure they receive the mental health services they need, monitor their progress, and work with their families and other involved agencies to reunite them with their families as soon as possible. 

San Luis Obispo Youth Mental Health Services