Body Art Inspection Results



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Body art means body piercing, tattooing, branding, or application of permanent cosmetics. A body art facility is the specified building, section of a building, or vehicle in which a practitioner performs or demonstrates for the purpose of instruction, body art, including reception areas, the procedure area, and the decontamination and sterilization area.  A body art facility does not include a facility that only pierces the ear with a disposable, single-use, pre-sterilized clasp and stud or solid needle that is applied using a mechanical device to force the needle or stud through the ear. Permanent and mobile body art facilities are required to be approved by Environmental Health Services prior to beginning construction or use. 

The purpose of an inspection report is to document the inspection findings and to provide an overall summary of the inspection. The report is provided to the facility owner or operator following an inspection.

Health inspection reports are public record and are required to be maintained onsite at the facility and must be made available upon request at any time. However it is not required that health inspection reports be conspicuously posted.

The purpose of this program is to protect human health and safety through a program of inspection, complaint investigation, public education and assistance to industry. The program requires the establishment and maintenance of sterile conditions and safe disposal of instruments for the persons engaged in the business of tattooing, body piercing, and the application of permanent cosmetics.

There are several types of health inspections which get posted on this site: a regular, or routine inspection; a follow up inspection, or reinspection; change of ownership inspections; and opening inspections for initial health permit approval.

Regular health inspections are routine unannounced health inspections.

Follow up inspections, or reinspections, are conducted only when the health inspector has determined during a regular health inspection that a follow up inspection is required to verify compliance with documented California Body Art Regulations violations noted during the regular health inspection.

The most recent inspection results for facilities that occurred over the last two (2) years are displayed on this website. If the facility recently underwent an ownership change, then only the most recent inspection results following the ownership change and which apply to the new owner are displayed.