Login and Registration Process for PermitSLO

What is the process?

Login or Register on Welcome PermitSLO Page

All users must log in to PermitSLO with “Create an Account” due to the new security protocol.  Once completed, users will be able to access their old account provided they use the same email address.  See the video demonstration below.

1.Start at the top right corner of the Welcome to PermitSLO landing page.  Click Login or Register:


Authenticate Your Account on PermitSLO

2.  All users scroll to the bottom of the window and click "Create an Account" to create an Authenticated Account (Note: Even if you have a PermitSLO Account, you still need to click "Create an Account" under this new log in process.  This is a change that is affected by the increased security measure that includes authenticating your account before you can continue managing your permits and plans.)


3. Complete the requested information.  On the next webpage, enter your preferred email, mailing address, phone number and a new password following the requirements, then click Sign Up:


Verification Email from Community Access Identity

3.  An email will be sent to you with the verification code you will need to access PermitSLO.  Please note, this email will come from "Community Access Identity." If you do not see the email, please check your junk and/or spam folders.

Once you open the email, there will be a numerical code provided in the content of the email and that code is what will be entered in the PermitSLO page to confirm your identity and email address for your PermitSLO account. When you open the email, it will look similar to the image below. Make a copy of the verification code so you can enter it back on the PermitSLO page when prompted to do so.  This will allow you to access your account.

4. Return to PermitSLO and enter the verification code.  Complete the registration process.  

You will then be able to access your PermitSLO account.

Merging of Multiple PermitSLO Accounts

*** This form is ONLY for combining multiple accounts into one (i.e. if you have used multiple email addresses to access the system).

This form is NOT for: 

  • Password issues
  • Account access issues
  • Permit application questions/updates
See the link to Request to Merge Accounts form below:
Request to Merge Accounts on PermitSLO

When and where is this service offered?

This service is available throughout the year during regular business hours except during scheduled holidays.


The email address you use to log into PermitSLO is linked to an account that contains the permits or plans you have applied for using that email. If you log in with a different email, you will access a separate account and won't be able to see those same permits or plans.

If you have multiple accounts (using different email addresses to log in), we suggest selecting a preferred email address for login and requesting the County to consolidate all your other accounts into that one. To streamline the process, we have prepared an online form for your convenience.

Find the link to access the form below:

Request to Merge Accounts on PermitSLO


We have updated our login process to include 2-way authentication to enhance the security of PermitSLO.  This requires you to click "Create an Account" and receive the authentication code generated from that action.  You will find this verification code in your email from "Community Access Identity."

Please watch the video above.

You can call the Planning and Building Department and we can look up your account information.  Please have a method of proof for your identification when you contact us.  

Please contact us at one of the following numbers:

Planning Division (805) 781-5600 

Building Division  (805) 788-6602

Check to make sure you are using the same email that you use currently.  If you are still having problems, please contact us. 


If you receieve this message, click "Already Have an Account" and follow the steps above using the email to complete the re-registration. 

Yes, after you complete the account authentication, you will see the same account information as before.  You will also have access to all permits, regardless of jurisdiction, using the same login.