County Service Areas

County Services Areas may offer services include one or more of the following:

  • Extended police protection
  • Structural fire protection
  • Local park, recreation or parkway facilities and services
  • Extended library facilities and services
  • Television translator station facilities and services
  • Miscellaneous services including, but not limited to:
    • Water service
    • Sewer service
    • Pest or rodent control
    • Street and highway sweeping
    • Refuse or garbage collection
    • Ambulance service
    • Area planning by Area Planning Commission
    • Soil conservation and drainage control
    • Animal control
    • Services provided by municipal advisory council
    • Transportation services
    • Geologic hazard abatement

Services may be expanded with Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) approval at any time following formation, allowing county service areas to provide virtually every service.

County service areas may annex contiguous or noncontiguous territory. Should territory within a county service area become part of a city by annexation or incorporation, that territory is automatically detached from the service area. Incorporated territory may be included in the service area only with a resolution of consent from the affected city.

County service areas are managed by the Board of Supervisors, which sits as a Board of Supervisors, not as an ex-officio governing board. Under the Board's direction, county service areas may levy taxes, establish zones of benefit, incur bonded indebtedness and enter into contracts.