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In 1968, Resolution No. 68-223 was adopted and defined the policy role of the District relating to the costs of planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance of drainage and flood control facilities. In accordance with resolution 68-223, the District cannot be responsible for direct funding of community specific mitigation improvements. The District uses its general funding to identify flooding problems, recommend solutions, and help local areas implement recommended solutions. The district has developed a model on how to approach these important water resource issues, including steps on how to integrate solutions for multiple benefits and community acceptance. The Guide to Implementing Flood Control Projects ("Guide") identifies several of the most significant constraints affecting the ability to implement flood control projects and proposes methods and strategies to address the challenges. As with most problems and especially with flooding, stakeholder involvement is essential. The intent of the Guide is to provide guidance in the process of implementing such methods and strategies to address these problems.

The responsibilities for drainage are administered through the County Public Works Department on behalf of the District. The District (Public Works Department) is the designated County agency responsible for managing, planning, and maintaining drainage and flood control facilities in the unincorporated public areas where no other agency has assumed an active role in such activities. The District has a regional role in the County and can work with individual cities or communities when requested.

In 2001, the County Board of Supervisors approved funding for Drainage and Flood Control Studies for the communities of Cambria, Cayucos, Nipomo, Oceano, San Miguel, and Santa Margarita. Click here to view the completed Community Drainage Studies.

The District is currently developing a drainage and flood control study for the community of Templeton. Click here to see the presentation on the draft report presented to the Templeton Area Advisory Group on April 21, 2011. For information on this current effort contact the County Public Works Department at (805) 781-5252.

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