Cayucos Vets Hall Restoration

Original Cayucos Vets Hall

Project Scope

The Vets Hall has been determined to have historic significance at the local, state and national level, and therefore the project's design and construction shall meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. The scope of the rehabilitation project includes:

  • Removal of non-historic additions and rehabilitation of the original Cass warehouse (Main Hall)
  • Salvaging original historic materials for re-application; adding new-to-match where needed
  • Providing a new foundation 2.5 feet higher than current to address sea level rise
  • Installation of new steel framing between wood trusses to provide structural stability
  • Construction of a new addition with Art Gallery, History Museum and Kitchen in style to match the original historic building
  • Renovating the BBQ patio and picnic area adjacent to the Hall
  • Providing new ADA compliant exterior decking and boardwalk with access to the beach and the pier

Construction Schedule

  • Notice to Proceed Issued: December 5, 2022
  • Contract Schedule Total # of Days: 436 calendar days
  • Completion Date: February 15, 2024
  • Days Added to Contract: 28 days
  • Revised Contract Completion Date: March 18, 2024
  • Contractor's Planned Completion Date: November 21, 2024

Ongoing Work - July 2024

  • Installation of exterior redwood siding at gable end walls
  • Reinstall historic redwood siding at NW wall (facing BBQ patio)
  • Installation of wood shake roofing
  • Concrete walls, ramps & stairs

Upcoming Construction Work

  • Install awning at front of building
  • Install Folding Door (facing beach)
  • Install deck boards, handrails and guardrails

Project Contacts

For more information, please contact Margaret Mayfield, Project Manager III, via email or call (805) 781-1523

Construction Photos

Installation of redwood siding at gable end walls

June 2024:  Installation of redwood siding at gable end walls

Reinstallation of historic redwood siding

June 2024: Reinstallation of historic redwood siding

Installation of redwood siding and wood shake roofing

May 2024: Installation of redwood siding and wood shake roofing

Installation of gypsum wall board

April 2024: Installation of gypsum wall board

Forming of concrete walls and ramps

April 2024: Forming of concrete walls and ramps

Installation of batt insulation

March 2024: Installation of batt insulation

Forming of concrete ramps

March 2024: Forming of concrete ramps

February 2024: Installation of concrete stem walls, ramps, stairs


February 2024: Installation of wood windows


January 2024: Weatherproof exterior walls


January 2024: Sheathe roof structure


December 2023: Framing/sheathing of exterior walls


November 2023: Removal of historic siding (to be stored for reuse)


November 2023: Framing of the south wall


October 2023: Framing of walls at the new addition


October 2023: Interior wall framing in the warehouse


September 2023: Installation of steel trusses in the historic warehouse.


September 2023: Construction of the foundation for the new addition


August 2023: The historic warehouse is moved back onto the new foundation


August 2023:  Temporary bracing of the warehouse structure


July 2023: Installation of new floor sheathing


July 2023: Installation of new floor framing


July 2023: Installation of new steel floor beams


June 2023: Removal of existing asphalt shingle roofing


June 2023: Installation of new concrete foundation


May 2023: Drilling and installation of concrete caissons for new building foundation 


Image previewApril 2023: The existing warehouse foundation is demolished.


Image previewApril 2023: The historic warehouse is lifted and moved off of its existing foundation.


March 2023: Removal of non-historic additions complete.


February 2023: Removal of exterior stucco reveals original redwood siding.


The Cayucos Veteran's Memorial Hall Rehabilitation project kicked-off construction on December 2, 2022 with a public 'groundbreaking' event.

Funding Partners

Construction of this project has been made possible with grant funds awarded to the project by the California Natural Resources Agency and California State Parks through programs funded by Proposition 68, and by the State Coastal Conservancy. Additionally, the community of Cayucos has raised over $500,000 in contributions for the project through the Restore the Cayucos Vets Hall Committee.

California Natural Resources Agency
Cultural, Community and Natural Resources grant program: $4,437,000 award

The mission of the California Natural Resources Agency is to restore, protect and manage the state's natural, historical, and cultural resources for current and future generations using creative approaches and solutions based on science, collaboration and respect for all the communities and interests involved.

California Department of Parks & Recreation
Locally-Operated State Parks grant program: $705,250 award

The mission of the California Department of Parks and Recreation is to provide for the health, inspiration, and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state's extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation.

State Coastal Conservancy grant: $345,000 award

The Coastal Conservancy is a California state agency, established in 1976, to protect and improve natural lands and waterways, to help people get to and enjoy the outdoors, and to sustain local economies along California's coast. It acts with others to protect and restore, and increase public access to, California's coast, ocean, coastal watersheds, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Its vision is of a beautiful, restored, and accessible coast for current and future generations of Californians.

Perspective Renderings of the Completed Project