Tefft Street at Highway 101 Interchange

Current Project Status

June 16, 2020 - Project approved by Board of Supervisors. Public Works is working with the design consultant to finalize the design and with CalTrans to gain final approval prior to advertising the project for construction bids later this year.

Project Benefits

Significant congestion on Tefft Street at the US 101 interchange is an ongoing problem. Especially apparent during peak hours, drivers on Tefft Street may wait through multiple signal changes. To reduce this congestion and maximize efficiency, the project will increase the traffic signal “green time” on Tefft Street by making the following improvements (as shown below):

  • Restrict left turn movements from Frontage Road onto Tefft Street
  • Widen the north and south bound offramps to allow the same number of cars to exit US 101 within a shorter "green time"
  • Re-synchronize the traffic signals to transfer "green time" from the offramps to Tefft Street

Estimated Construction Cost: $2,232,000 


Project Location:

Project Contacts

For questions or additional information please contact Genaro Diaz via email or phone: (805) 781-5279.

Phases & Milestones

Phase 1 – Project Initiation

The goal of this phase is to identify the project scope and hire a consultant to begin design.

Completed March 2018

Phase 2 – Engineering and Environmental

The goal of this phase is to finalize the design the project and to obtain environmental clearance and Caltrans approval  for the construction of the project.

Estimated Date of Completion: Summer 2020

Phase 3 – Construction

The goal of this phase is to build the project.

Estimated Date of Completion: Summer 2021