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Homeless Services
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Homeless Services Oversight Council

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Welcome to the website of the Homeless Services Oversight Council of San Luis Obispo County.

Here you will be able to find maps of the cities and towns in San Luis Obispo County where services for the homeless are provided, as well as information about what time the listed services are available and who can get these services.

How to Use this Website

This website consists of maps and information pages about services for homeless people. 

If you are searching for services provided to the homeless, first click on the county map in order to select the city or town in which you need services.  You will need Adobe Reader to view the maps.

Once you view the city map you will be able to click on the central area of the map to open a page with more information about the services offered in the community that you have selected. Once on a map, single click on the map to open these links. 

The information page has links to the websites of the organization that offers services in the community that you have selected. Also, if you click on the address field found on the information page you will open an individual Google street map of the location where services are provided. 

If you click on of the border of a map which has a directional arrow (3), you will go to a map of the nearest community with homeless services beyond the edge of the map you are viewing in the direction of the arrow, this may be the homeless services website for a neighboring county.

Any of the maps and information pages you view can be printed.

The easiest way to return to a prior page  is to click the ^Back button located on the standard toolbar.


Legend for Maps

Emergecny shelter icon Emergency Shelter Hospital icon Hospital
Food & Groceries icon Food & Groceries DSS Logo Department of Social Services
Schedulde Meals icon Scheduled Meals Site icon Multiple Service Site Location
Medical Clininc icon Medical Clinic Housing icon Housing


To Find Homeless Services

Click here to go to the San Luis Obispo County map.


Homeless Organizations Seeking Volunteers

Click here for a list of organizations that are looking for volunteers to help provide assistance to the homeless.


Organizations that provide Outreach Services

Click here if you are interested in learning more about organizations that provide outreach services for the homeless. 


Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness

Click here to go to the San Luis Obispo County 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.
Click here to go to the Appendix for the 10 Year Plan.


Send us your Feedback

If you are an individual looking for resources for the homeless and have comments or suggestions about this website, please click Contact Us to send us a message

If you are a provider of services to the homeless and have new information or need to correct information found on this website, please click Contact Us to send us a message so that we can keep this site as useful and up-to-date as possible.  Thank you.


Ayuda en Español

Si usted necesita ayuda en conseguir información sobre servicios para personas sin hogar, y no puede leer ingles, favor de llamar a 211.  2-1-1 es un servicio telefónico de 24 horas para información sobre servicios disponibles en el Condado.


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