About the County's Budget

FY 2019-20 recommended budget book coverDon't have time to read the County's budget document? Take a look at a brief summary of the budget. You may also download the detailed financial document.

FY 2018-19 Final Budget coverThis document reflects the County's organizational values by attempting to strike an appropriate balance between financial detail and discussion of the bigger picture.

Icon- Participate hands upThere are many ways to get involved in the County's budgeting process. Let your voice be heard. 

The County Administrative Officer is required to submit Quarterly Financial Status Reports to the Board of Supervisors, per Board policy. 



Budget and Finance News
Current Year County & Special District Budgets
Prior Years' County & Special District Budgets
FY 2019-20 Budget Balancing Strategies and Approaches
FY 2019-20 Financial Forecast
FY 2020-21 Budget Goals and Policies