Official County Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report

Much of what the County of San Luis Obispo did in 2017 laid the foundation for a successful future. We invite you to click through this report to find out how the County worked to address local challenges and benefit the people of SLO County. Watch the video above for a brief overview then click around to read specific stories about the County's programs, services, projects and policies that helped create a safe, healthy, livable, prosperous, and well-governed community.

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2016 Annual Report

The County's 2016 Annual Report features some of the top issues the County faced that year, along with stories that illustrate how the County worked to create a safe, healthy, livable, prosperous and well-governed community. 

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2015 Annual Report

The County's 2015 Annual Report focused on how the County invested in the community, protected the public, and promoted health and wellness that year. 

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2014 Annual Report

The County's 2014 Annual Report focused on results, with colorful infographics that clearly showed how each service and department served the community well that year. 

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2013 Annual Report

The County's 2013 Annual Report's theme was "A Well-Governed Community" and featured stories from various departments that demonstrated the many ways our local government worked for the people of San Luis Obispo County. 

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2012 Annual Report

The County's 2012 Annual Report focused on the community's many accomplishments and the many ways County government worked for the people that year. 

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2011 Annual Report

The County's 2011 Annual Report provided a broad overview of County services and programs and a crash-course on the redistricting that went into effect that year. 

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2010 Annual Report

The County's 2010 Annual Report was more of a status report and was the first of its kind produced by the County of San Luis Obispo government for the people it serves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Annual Report?

The annual report is the County government's yearly report to the public, documenting its activities and finances in the previous year. The intent of this report is to better educate and inform residents and community stakeholders about the services and programs that the County provides and to enable residents to better utilize County services and to engage in the County government process in a meaningful way.

What time period does the annual report cover?

Each annual report generally covers the calendar year (January through December). However, some numbers and statistics are only available for each fiscal year (July through June). Each story in the report indicates which time periods is represented.