Board of Supervisors Meetings and Agendas


County Board SealThe County Administrative Office is responsible for preparing the agendas for Board of Supervisors meetings.

The order of business for the Board meetings is arranged by the County Administrative Officer and Board Chairperson, except for matters set for a specific time by the Board. 

The Brown Act requires local legislative bodies in California to post agendas at least 72 hours in advance of public meetings and include brief descriptions of each item that will be discussed during those meetings. However, the County goes above and beyond these requirements. Board of Supervisors meeting agendas are posted online six days prior to each meeting and agenda packets are published online five days prior to each meeting. 

Questions About the Board of Supervisors Agenda 

If you have any questions about the Board's agenda or any item within the agenda, contact the County Administrative Office at (805) 781-5011. 


Board of Supervisors Meeting Calendar

Download the Calendars

For your convenience, you can find the meeting agendas and information above. Alternatively, you may visit the Board of Supervisor Agenda and Minutes website to directly access the agenda, minutes and documents.

Live broadcasts of our Board of Supervisors meetings can also be viewed on SLO Span’s online streaming.

Audio streaming for Android users will need an application called "Serve Stream" in order to listen to the any live meetings via audio only. Click here to download the application in Google Play.

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2021 Board Meetings Calendar
Board of Supervisors Minutes 2001-2006
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2021 BOS Calendar with Agenda Due Dates [PDF]

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