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COVID-19 has changed some of the procedures for providing service to you. For most questions or concerns, please call our office at (805) 781-5643 or review our website. If you need to meet with assessor staff, video conferencing or appointments can be scheduled. Please call or email to schedule a meeting or video conference. Our office is open to the public; however, there may be wait times due to the requirements for social distancing (Per California of Public Health Guidance, face coverings need to be worn while in the building). Documents may also be mailed in or delivered using the public drop box located outside our office lobby. 

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Name Description Type
Aircraft and Boat Assessments Facts About Aircraft and Boat Assessments File
Assessment Process Facts About The Assessment Process File
Assessment Relief Due to Property Damage Facts About Assessment Relief Due to Property Damage File
Assessment Reviews Facts About Assessment Reviews File
Base Year Value Transfer Facts About Base Year Value Transfer File
Builders Inventory Exclusion Facts About Builders Inventory Exclusion from Supplemental Assessment File
Business Property Assessments Facts About Business Property Assessments File
Disabled Veterans' Exemption Facts About Disabled Veterans' Exemption File
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions File
Grandparent/Grandchild Exclusion Facts About Grandparent/Grandchild Exclusion File
Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption Facts About Homeowners' Exemption File
Important Dates For Property Assessments Facts About Important Dates For Property Assessments File
Land Conservation Act Properties (Williamson-Act) Facts About Land Conservation Act Properties (Williamson-Act) File
Manufactured Home Property Taxes Facts About Manufactured Home Property Taxes File
Mapping Standards Mapping Standards File
Parent/Child Exclusion Facts About Parent/Child Exclusion File
Placing Your Manufactured Home on a Permanent Foundation Facts About Placing Your Manufactured Home on a Permanent Foundation File
Possessory Interests Facts About Possessory Interests File
Property Assessments Facts About Property Assessments File
Proposition 8 Assessment Relief Facts About Proposition 8 Assessment Relief File
Proposition 13 Facts About Proposition 13 File
Religious, Church, and Welfare Exemptions Facts About Religious, Church, and Welfare Exemptions File
Supplemental Assessments Facts About Supplemental Assessments File
Veterans' Exemption Facts About Veterans' Exemption File