The County Government Building at 1055 Monterey Street.

The role of  the Assessor's Office in County Government is to discover, inventory, and value all real and personal property in the county.  The valuations are then passed forward to the office of the Auditor Controller, Treasurer, Tax Collector, Public Administrator, which applies the correct tax rate, creates property tax bills, mails the bills and then collects the property taxes.  Other responsibilities of the Assessor include creating and maintaining assessment maps for all real property in the County of San Luis Obispo.  We also track and update property ownership records for all property in the county.

For information regarding tax rates, special assessments, maintenance district fees, or tax collection/refunds, please refer to the Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector’s website.


Notice to Taxpayers:

Major changes due to Proposition 19

Significant changes in the law for Base Year Value Transfers and Intergenerational Property Transfer Exclusions (Parent to Child) resulted from the passage of Proposition 19 in 2020. To help taxpayers understand the changes and how they may impact you, information is provided in the two links above as guidance from the Assessor.


2020 Annual Report

Each year, the Assessor is responsible for producing an Assessment Roll that lists the latest assessed value of all property within the County of San Luis Obispo. This is important information that is compiled into the Annual Report. We are pleased to announce that property values are strong and the number of properties with reduced value are declining.

Like most things about the year 2020, no one knows what the impact of the economic shutdown, higher rates of unemployment, and closure of schools will mean to real estate and business values in the future. However, despite the challenges this year, people are resilient and innovative. We would like to acknowledge the incredible people of San Luis Obispo County for making our community a wonderful place to be.



Property Tax Cycle, Explained