Property Tax Rates

Report Content and Description

  • Schedule of County Board of Supervisors Approved Tax Rates – Listing of the prior year and current year tax rates that were approved by the Board of Supervisors.

  • Tax Rate Area Primary Number Reference – This schedule shows the listing of the local agency associated with the primary numbers (1st three digits) for all the TRAs within the County.

  • Summary of Bonds Levied – Schedule of all the general obligation and 1915 Act bonds being levied on tax bills in the current fiscal year, including their tax rate, date of issuance and date of final maturity.

  • Tax Rates by Tax Rate Area – Listing of the tax rates by type of agency for all the tax rate areas in the County.


2023-24 Property Tax Rates
2022-23 Property Tax Rates
2021-22 Property Tax Rates
2020-21 Property Tax Rates
2019-20 Property Tax Rates