District 1 Supervisor John Peschong

Welcome to the First District of San Luis Obispo County.Picture of District 1 Supervisor John Peschong

I'm Supervisor John Peschong and my Legislative Assistant is Vicki Janssen. Together, we will be the ones you most often work with when you have questions or concerns regarding issues in the First District. We hope to provide you with a few facts about our District and give you some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

In addition, we hope to provide you with the means to find the information you desire and try to keep you as current as possible about projects in District One.


The County's 2019 Legislative Platform is now available. The Legislative Platform provides direction to state legislative representatives and general policy guidance to County employees lobbying on behalf of the County.


Currently I serve on:

San Luis Obispo Council of Governments as Vice President

Regional Transit Authority as Vice President

Integrated Waste Management Authority

Air Pollution Control District as Vice-Chair

Cal -ID Advisory Board

Consolidated Oversight Board

Golden State Finance Authority

Local Agency Formation Commission- Alternate

Nacimiento Water Project Commission

Rural Counties Representatives of California

Paso Basin Cooperative Committee

Atascadero Basin Cooperative Committee - Alternate


District 1 Highlights