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Name Description Type Action
Access My Case Link to access your child support case. Customer Connect is California’s self-service child support case information system. Link External Link
Calculate Child Support Link to calculate support. The California Guideline Child Support Calculator is based on California Child Support Guidelines and can be used to estimate the amount of child support that may be ordered in your case Link External Link
California Child Support Arrears Calculator Welcome to the Arrears Estimator. Using this simple tool, you can estimate the total cost and time it will take to pay off your past due balance based on the arrears payment you are making. Link External Link
Case Balance Information Get payment history and information Link External Link
Child Support Forms Child Support Forms; including Application for Child Support Services and employer forms Link External Link
Child Support Handbook This handbook provides general information about California's Child Support Services Program. It is intended to help parents, guardians, and families understand how to access child support services. Link External Link
Child Support Publications Information on the child support program. Link External Link
Complaint Resolution Forms How to resolve issues with your child support case. Forms LCR001 and SH001 Link External Link
Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP) COAP is a program for eligible noncustodial parents (NCPs) to reduce the past-due child support they owe to the government. Link External Link
DCSS-State-Strategic Plan 2015-2019 Supporting California Children Strategic Plan 2015-2019 Link External Link
DCSS-SLO County-Strategic-Plan,-FFY-2016-2021 Department of Child Support Services Strategic Plan, FFY 2016 – 2021 File Download
Direct Deposit Enroll to receive payments by direct deposit Direct Deposit will allow you to receive disbursements directly into a checking or savings account. To update or change an existing direct enrollment submit a new enrollment. Link External Link
eCommunications Enrollment Customer Connect is California’s self-service, child support case information system designed with YOU in mind. Link External Link
Electronic Pay Card Enroll to receive payments on an electronic pay card. The EPC electronic pay card is a MasterCard card. You may also use this link to cancel future deposits. (Note: This will only cancel future deposits. Any existing balance on the card will not be affected.) Link External Link
Employer Information Visit the Employer Resources section for information about employers’ responsibilities. Stay current with our program by visiting our Outreach and Campaigns section. If you have questions or need assistance you can contact us at any time as we are here to better serve you. Link External Link
Establish Paternity Establishing paternity is the process of determining the legal father of a child. Paternity may be established in several ways. Follow the link to find out more information. Link External Link
License-Buy-Back-Flyer DMV License Buy Back Flyer 2018 File Download
Make A Payment •Make payments using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card •Make payments using your bank account •Store payment information for future use •Setup recurring payments from your bank account •Manage pending payments •Manage your user profile Link External Link
Military Families The link provides information regarding paternity establishment and child support. Link External Link
Open A Child Support Case Apply for child support services online; in person; or via mail. Services available: Locating a parent Establishing paternity Establishing, modifying and enforcing a court order for child support Establishing, modifying and enforcing an order for health insurance coverage Link External Link
Payment History and Information Get payment history and account information Link External Link
Statewide Customer Service Survey--English Your feedback is vital to the service we provide to our customers. Please let us know how we are doing and how we may serve you better. Link External Link
Statewide Customer Service Survey--Spanish Satisfacción del servicio al cliente de la contacto al consultorio Link External Link
Update My Address Link to update your address. Help us find you when we have important information about your case. Link External Link