CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: During this time of crisis, California Child Support Services knows that the need for financial support for your children will continue, and you may have lost wages or are worrying about missing payments. California Child Support Services is now temporarily stopping the automatic placement of bank liens and suspension of drivers’ licenses, effective on March 17, 2020. Please note there may be instances where actions were already in the process and you will need to contact the agency handling your case. Check for daily updates



In response to Covid19 and its effects on the economy, the Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act provides authority for emergency allotments of CalFresh benefits. California DSS has approved emergency allotments to eligible households for two months, March and April 2020. The increase is explained in a letter available online here: CalFreshEmergencyAllotment_WCLP_CAFB_CFPA_CWDA_FinalFactsheet_4-2-2020.pdf Two allotments will raise each household’s regular monthly CalFresh allotment to the maximum allowable based on household size. Households already receiving the maximum allotment are not eligible for the emergency allotment. This may be confusing to some households. A collation of poverty advocacy groups including CWDA and WCLP have created the attached PDF to help get the work out.


If you are unable to pay your child support due to quarantine, shelter-in-place directives, self-isolation or layoffs, WE CAN HELP!
STEP 1: Contact your office right away to request a “review and adjustment,” also called a “modification.” We can get you the paperwork quickly to start this.
STEP 2: If you and the other parent can agree, we can help you stipulate to change your child support order for the duration of this emergency.
PLEASE NOTE: Although your order remains in place unless modified, we can work with you not only to modify the amount, but on how we would collect the order.
PLEASE reach out to your caseworker with the details of your situation.

PAYMENT ALERT: If you receive your child support payments by paper check, please visit our website to enroll in Direct Deposit or Electronic Payment Card as mailrooms and post offices may be forced to delay deliveries.



Email: You can email your caseworker directly through Customer Connect at, or email the San Luis Obispo Department of Child Support Services at [email protected]
Text: You can enable texting options through your Customer Connect account.
Call: (805) 781-4139, or the Automated Phone Line (Please note that access in your area may depend on county closures 1-866-901-3212)


The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) primarily assists customers with establishing and enforcing child support orders. When a case is opened with DCSS we locate parents who are obligated to pay support, establish paternity, and obtain child support and health insurance orders.  Once an order is established, DCSS enforces the order and collects and distributes the support owed to families. DCSS is committed to providing timely and professional services, enhancing the well-being of children and families, and helping them remain self-sufficient.

San Luis Obispo County DCSS VISION

The goal of San Luis Obispo County DCSS is for all children in San Luis Obispo County to maintain healthy and productive lives in a livable, sustainable, and prosperous community.

San Luis Obispo County DCSS MISSION

"Your Children, Our Priority"

The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Child Support Services is committed to improving the quality of life and creating opportunities for children through establishing and enforcing child support in our community.

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