Real Property Lenders (RPL)

San Luis Obispo County, California  
RPL Prosecution  
Real Property Lenders (RPL) Prosecution

Defendants Rodney Virgil Jarmin and Tammy Marian Jordan          

Status of Criminal Case (to be updated as events occur)


Late Monday,  November 27th, the jury in the RPL case notified Judge J. Duffy that they were deadlocked and were unable to reach unanimous verdicts.  As a result, Judge J. Duffy declared a mistrial.  The jury revealed their last vote as 11 for acquittal and 1 for conviction on Count 1 (May through June of 2007), 8 for acquittal and 4 for conviction on Count 2 (July through August of 2007) and 8 for acquittal and 4 for conviction on Count 3 (September through October of 2007).  District Attorney staff spoke with six of the jurors for about an hour after the hearing in an effort to glean their thoughts on the evidence and presentation of the case.  

The matter is next set for Wednesday, November 29th, at 830 in Department 1 to determine if there will be a re-trial.   


As a result of Judge Gayle Peron's order of restitution in excess of the $107,200.00 agreed upon by the defendants' at the time of their plea of no contest, both Mr. Rodney Jarmin and Ms. Tammy Jordan have withdrawn their plea and the case has been set for trial by jury on felony allegations of securities fraud.  Jury selection is scheduled to commence on Monday October 16th at 11 a.m. in Department 5 of the San Luis Obispo Superior Court.  It is anticipated the trial will take several weeks to complete.>

On July 14, 2017 The Honorable Judge Gayle Peron issued a written ruling in the Real Property Lenders' restitution hearing.  Restitution in the amount of $362,964.31 was ordered for investor loss between June 2007 and December 2007.   This ruling provides Mr. Jarmin and Ms. Jordan the opportunity to withdraw their previously entered no contest pleas, to have the felony Information reinstated and to proceed to trial on the issue of guilt.  The matter is next on for a Status Hearing August 22, 2017 at 8:30 in Department 5.
On the evening of Thursday, February 11, 2016, after considering a series of letter briefs filed by all parties (the People and the defendants) since August 24, 2015, the Court of Appeal issued an Alternative Writ of Mandate and Order in this case. Also posted here is a memorandum from District Attorney Dow and a copy of the Court of Appeal Alternative Writ of Mandate and Order.
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Memo to Victims Feb 17, 2016   

Writ of Mandate 

Criminal Charges Filed on March 29, 2011
The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges against Rodney Jarmin and Tammy Jordan on March 29, 2011. Their Preliminary Hearing was held the week of May 5 – May 12, 2011, and they were held to answer. They are charged with six felony violations of the California Corporations Code and three penalty enhancements. Ultimate criminal penalties depend upon the number of charges and penalty enhancements upon conviction and sentencing by the court.
Victims’ Rights – Marsy’s Law  
Seventeen constitutional victims' rights were enacted on November 5, 2008, with the passage of Proposition 9, the Victims' Bill of Rights Act of 2008: Marsy's Law. Victims' rights will continue to be cited by the prosecution as issues arise related to victims' rights. More information on Marsy's Law.
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