Victim and Witness Assistance Services

The Victim Witness Assistance Center provides a wide variety of services to victims and witnesses to help reduce the trauma, frustration, and inconvenience experienced by those affected by crime.

Witness Coordination

When a witness receives a subpoena issued by the District Attorney’s Office, the Victim Witness Assistance Center provides services to support the witness through the court process.  

Victim Rights

In California, victims of crime have rights that are protected by the California Constitution and by California laws.

Victim Resources

In addition to the services provided by the District Attorney’s Victim Witness Assistance Center, there are many local, state, and national resources for victims of crime.

Offender Location and Release Notification

When an offender is incarcerated, the Victim Witness Assistance Center can help link victims with resources so the victim can be notified when the offender is released.

Request to be Notified of Defendant Appeals

In some cases, the guilty verdict is appealed, or challenged by the defendant.  The State Attorney General’s Office handles these appeals for felony cases.  To request to be notified of an appeal of a felony, complete the Attorney General’s form  and return it to your victim advocate.

If the case is appealed, staff from the Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services will contact you and provide information regarding pending appeals and their outcome.  For more information about felony appeals handled by the Attorney General's Officer click here.