While Animal Services doesn't actively solicit donations, we welcome and value the support of our community in helping provide for our county's neediest animals.

Financial Support

Animal Services has established two separate funds to accept individual donations and bequests.

  • Gaurdian Angel Fund - Guardian Angel donations are placed into a fund specifically dedicated to providing extended veterinary care, environmental enrichment, and specialized services for our sheltered animals. Donations can be sent by mail or made in person at the Animal Services shelter.
  • Community Animal Welfare Fund - With thanks to Cambria resident Greta Kraum, Animal Services has partnered with the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo to establish the Community Animal Welfare Fund. This endowment provides funding for low cost spay / neuter surgeries, humane education programs, and other activities which directly benefit the care and welfare of domestic animals throughout our community. Donations can be made online or by contacting the Community Foundation.

Material Donations

In addition to your financial support, Animal Services gratefully accepts donations of the following supplies and materials needed to help us provide for the care and comfort of our sheltered animals.

Please note that due to storage limitations, animal health and safety concerns, sanitation requirements, and legal restrictions Animal Services cannot accept donations of the following items:

  • Food
  • Dog beds
  • Sheets, towels, comforters, electric blankets, sleeping bags, or other bedding
  • Animal carriers, cages, or pens
  • Medications and shampoos