The Contributors

SLO BH Steering Committee:

Nicholas Drews, Health Agency Director

Star Graber, PhD., LMFT, Behavioral Health Director

Frank Warren, Behavioral Health Deputy Director

Amanda Getten, LMFT, Quality Services Team Division Manager

Sarah Hayter, County Administration

Rachael Koenig, Behavioral Health Administrative Services Manager

Kristina Paramore, LMFT, Drug and Alcohol Services Division Manager

Teresa Pemberton, LMFT, Justice Services Division Manager

Matthew Pennon, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager

Josh Peters, LMFT, Adult Mental Health Services Division Manager

Jill Rietjens, LMFT, Youth Mental Health Services Division

Nisa Solis, Administrative Services Officer

Morgan Torell, Business Systems Analyst

Stakeholder Interviews:

Ian Parkinson, Sheriff's Office, County of San Luis Obispo

Kenneth Dalebout, Arroyo Grande Community Hospital

Jon Nibbio, Family Care Network, Inc.

Jill Bolster-White, Transitions-Mental Health Association

Barbara Levenson, Behavioral Health Board, County of San Luis Obispo

Linda Belch, Adult and Children's Services, County of San Luis Obispo

Amber Gallagher, Special Education Local Plan Area

Ben Jacobson, Sierra Mental Wellness Group

Robert Reyes, Probation Department, County of San Luis Obispo

Bruce Gibson, County Board of Supervisors

Nestor Veloz-Passalacqua, Administration Department, City of San Luis Obispo

James Watson, Recovery Support Network

Melinda Sokolowski, Child, Youth and Family Services Division

Janna Nichols, 5Cities Homeless Coalition

Christy Mulkerin, County of San Luis Obispo

Nicholas Drews, Healthy Agency, San Luis Obispo County

Focus Groups:

We would like to thank the participation of staff from the following community-based organizations: Transitions Mental Health, Sierra Mental Wellness Group, Family Care Network. We would also like to thank SLO BH staff from Adult Services, Justice Services, Youth Services, and Drug and Alcohol Services. 

Health Management Associates:

We would like to thank Health Management Associates for their guidance in developing the Strategic Plan. Team members included Charles Robbins, Michael Butler, Devon Schechinger, Paul Fleissner, Kamala Greene Génecé, and Cieara Simmons.

Please contact our access line at 1 (800) 838-1381 for information or to schedule an appointment. All services are available in Spanish.

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