The Heal Pod, a rectangular sound booth with bench for meditation.

New Wellness Program Encourages Meditation for Justice Services Clients

Author: Behavioral Health
Date: 3/2/2022 11:26:54 AM

The new Heal Pod, funded by the Mental Health Services Act, aims to test the effectiveness of mindfulness and mediation practices on mental health clients.

The Behavioral Health Department is excited to offer a new wellness program to clients within its Justices Services Division: Heal Pod.

The Heal Pod Innovation program aims to test the effectiveness of mindfulness and mediation practices on mental health clients who currently are enrolled in outpatient behavioral health programs. The Heal Pod is being funded by the Mental Health Services Act’s (MHSA) Innovation component which allows counties the opportunity to test new models and practices that address service gaps and other problems within the local mental health system.

“Innovation programs are unique in that we have the opportunity to work with behavioral health stakeholders to build and test out new tools and programs that will better the mental health of the community,” says Frank Warren, San Luis Obispo Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Coordinator. “We are excited for this project in particular as it allows new access and opportunity for clients enrolled in Justice Services programs to learn the same wellness techniques many of us SLO County residents already use to maintain stress.”

In recent years the County has seen an increase in the number of individuals who are enrolled in forensic mental health court and diversion programs. Clients partaking in forensic programs often struggle to manage stress that stems from incarceration and release, probation, court mandates, homelessness, family pressures, unemployment, substance use, and mental health disorders. This prolonged stress makes it harder to learn routine calming and wellness methods. Clients participating in the Heal Pod, will experience a guided meditation surrounded by calming sounds and guided breathing techniques. Project leaders hope the Heal Pod can jump start lifelong mindfulness habits for Behavioral Health clients and serve as model for mental health success in the future.

The Heal Pod Innovation project will complete in Fiscal Year 2023-24. 

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