Compliance and Privacy Program

The County of San Luis Obispo Health Agency maintains a Compliance and Privacy Program that supports our ongoing commitment to an ethical and professional way of conducting business. The Compliance and Privacy Program has several purposes, which include:

  • Compliance with laws, regulations and terms of contracts governing Health Agency operations;
  • Prevention, detection and correction of fraud, waste, and abuse;
  • Protection of our client's health information;
  • Support of the Health Agency mission, vision, and core values;
  • Support for the County vision statement and desired communitywide results.

Reporting of Violations, Fraud, Waste or Abuse:

If you are aware of violations of healthcare laws or policies, or if you are aware of fraud, waste or abuse at the Health Agency, you may report it in the following ways:

  • Anyone may report concerns to the Health Agency Compliance Program:
  • Anyone may contact the anonymous, toll free hotline at (855) 326-9623
  • Anyone may e-mail the anonymous hotline at
  • Health Agency employees may also report concerns through your supervisory reporting structure


Health Information Privacy

The privacy, security and accuracy of our client's health information is important to us. The Health Agency Notice of Privacy Practices describes how health information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. 

Health Agency Contractor and Network Provider Support Page

This is a resource page for contractors and network providers of the County of San Luis Obispo Health Agency.  The contents of this page will help support compliance with HIPAA and other contractual and legal obligations.  For questions about how to use this page, please contact David Michels, Compliance Officer at (805) 781-4788.