Delta Dental Plan Overview

Delta Dental

With nearly 80% of practicing dentists in Delta’s networks, there is a good chance you already see a Delta Dental provider. To maximize your savings, it is important to be aware of the Delta network the dentist belongs to. Delta has three different networks of providers: PPO, Premier, and Non-Delta dentists. While you can visit any licensed dentist and still receive a benefit, you will save the most by visiting a Delta PPO or Premier dentist.

  • Delta PPO Dental (Group # 2999-0011)  
  • Contact Information: 1-800-765-6003

Delta Dental PPO:

Visit a dentist in this network to maximize your savings. In general, you should expect to save about 30% on contracted services which will help reduce any out of pocket costs you may experience. PPO dentists have pre-negotiated their fees with Delta and have agreed not to balance bill Delta patients.

Non-Delta Dental Dentists:

While you will still receive a benefit from Delta while seeing an out-of-network dentist, these dentists do not have pre-negotiated rates with Delta. In addition, an out-of-network dentist may balance bill you the remainder of the bill Delta does not pay.

Click here for an illustration of the tiers of Delta Providers and how that affects how much you will pay out of pocket for your dental services.

Submit a Delta Dental Claim

For instructions on how to submita Delta Dental Claim, visit the Submit a Delta Dental Claim webpage

Dental ID Cards

You will not receive ID cards from the dental carriers. The group number information is listed below with the contact information and is what you will need to confirm your eligibility with your provider for yourself and your dependents.

Contact Information

Delta PPO Dental (Group # 2999-0011)  

Contact Information: 1-800-765-6003


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