Dental and Vision

The County offers employees two dental plans to choose from and one vision plan. Enrollment is mandatory in Dental and Vision for all employees. Retirees have the option to choose from one dental and one vision plan to enroll. Review the menu below for information on these benefits.

Dental and Vision General Information

Aetna Dental Website

Delta Dental Website

VSP Vision Website

Dental Benefits

Aetna Dental Plan Overview

Review online resources, plan details, and contact information for Aetna Dental. 

  • Available to employees and retirees
  • For retirees, this is the only dental plan option through the County
Delta Dental Plan Overview

Review online resources, plan details, and contact information for Delta Dental

  • Available to employees only
  • Not available to retirees
Jet Dental

Learn more about Jet Dental's mobile dentistry services

  • Available to employees only
  • Not currently available to retirees

Vision Benefits

VSP Vision Plan

Check out details on VSP vision coverage and look over FAQs 

  • Available to employees and retirees


Aetna, Delta, and VSP do not issue ID cards. You can download and print an ID card by logging into their website(s). To utilize these benefits, provide the plan group number along with the Social Security Number (SSN) of the member. Plan group numbers and website links can be found on their individual provider webpages or the last page of the Employee Benefits Brochure

Yes- all employees are required to enroll. You can not waive due to other coverage. However, your dependents are not required to be enrolled. Only the employee is required to be enrolled in a dental and a vision plan. 

Aetna Dental is a DMO (Dental Maintenance Organization) plan, requiring the member to go to an Aetna Dental provider. Aetna Dental monthly rates are significantly less than Delta Preferred Option rates. Delta Preferred Option is a Preferred Provider Plan. Preferred Provider Plans give you the freedom to go to any dentist you chose; however, you will have fewer costs and a greater benefit if you use a Delta Preferred Option Dentist.

For both Aetna and Delta dental, eligible dependents include husband or wife, domestic partner, and dependent children until their 26th birthday.

Newly acquired dependents, (birth, adoption, marriage) can be added to your Dental plan within 60 days of the date of the event. You can also enroll dependents during the annual open enrollment period.

Dependents can be removed when they lose eligibility (age 26, loss of dependent status, divorce, etc), or during the annual open enrollment period. 

My spouse was just hired by the County and is therefore required to enroll in a dental plan. Can I remove him/her from my dental plan outside of the open enrollment period? 

Yes, this is a qualifying event and therefore you do not have to wait for open enrollment.

Dental coverage ends the end of the month following the month in which you terminate. Example: Employee terminates August 12; dental coverage ends September 30.

Yes. You can continue coverage for yourself and dependents for a maximum of 18 months through a federal law called COBRA, unless you have comparable group coverage available to you through another employer. The cost of coverage will be the monthly cost of insurance plus 2%.

Is COBRA coverage available to my dependent who lost coverage because he/she was no longer eligible?

Yes. COBRA coverage will normally be available for a maximum of 36 months. The cost for coverage is the monthly cost of insurance plus 2%.

For more information about COBRA visit our Post Employment Information webpage.