Post-Employment Health Plan (PEHP)

Benefit Overview

The Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP) is designed to help employees defray the cost of health care after separation from County service. There are two different types of PEHP accounts offered by the County and your account type is determined by your bargaining unit.  When you retire or separate from County service, you can submit claims for qualified medical expenses to be reimbursed by the funds in your PEHP account.


Bargaining Units 01 - Public Services, 13 - Clerical, 05 - Supervisory and 02 Trades & Crafts

  • County contributions of $50 per month for each eligible employee are placed in the employee's PEHP Universal Reimbursement Account with Nationwide Retirement Solutions
  • Contributions are tax-free
  • All initial contributions default into the most conservative investment option within a variable annuity
  • Employees may choose more aggressive funds by contacting Nationwide Retirement Solutions to complete an Employee Allocation Form
  • After separation of service, the PEHP account can be used to pay qualified medical expenses which are not covered by health insurance including expenditures such as glasses, prescription drugs, deductibles and co-pays


Bargaining Units 04 - SLOGAU, 06 - DA Investigators, 07 - Management, 08 - General Management, 09 - Appointed Department Heads, 10 - Elected Officials, 11 - Confidential, 12 - DCCA, 15 and 16, - Sheriff's Managers and 17 – Supervisors, 27 and 28 – Sworn Deputy Sheriff’s Association

  • Upon termination, the first portion of any sick leave payoff as currently provided for in MOU or by County Ordinance Code §2.44.060(i)(l) - will be contributed directly to the individual’s PEHP Insurance Premium Reimbursement Account
  • The Insurance Premium Reimbursement Account works just like its name suggests -- it reimburses qualified health insurance premiums paid by you.  This includes any qualified health insurance premiums, dental and vision insurance premiums, Medicare Part B and Medicare supplements and qualified Long-Term Care premiums


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