Accolade - Navigator PPO

The County is pleased to announce an important improvement to our employee healthcare member experience. The County will be transitioning from the Anthem Blue Cross network of providers to a Blue Shield of California provider network and is introducing Blue Shield's Navigator PPO, powered by Accolade. This change addresses our employee's top priorities by helping you navigate your benefits and the healthcare system, and by providing you with tools to help you manage your care and costs, which ultimately impacts the premiums paid by the County and employees.

With Accolade concierge medical navigation, members will have the same medical plan designs that you have today, and with a one-stop concierge accessible by phone, member portal, or mobile app, you will have quick access to a high level of support including:

  • Access to a healthcare assistant/advocate to help understand your coverage and costs
  • Help find and book high quality, cost effective, in-network provider appointments
  • Free access to virtual primary and mental health care solutions for all plans*
  • Free expert medical second opinions for all plans*
  • Free assistance with medical claims and billing issue resolution

Accolade's top priority is to enhance member support, specifically focusing on crucial moments when you need care and support including experiencing new symptoms, finding a care provider, a new serious diagnosis that requires additional care, and managing chronic health conditions. They will get you and your family access to quality health care when and how you need it, help you improve your health, and positively impact your healthcare experience.

*Free for High Deductible Health Plan members in 2024 as permitted under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, which will expire December 31, 2024, and at such time there will be a copay for services.

Visit or call (866) 406-1275 to get started!

Graphic showing how members can interact with Accolade.

Introducing Accolade

Watch this quick video to help understand what Accolade is and what services Accolade can provide to you.

Please note: Accolade will be available January 1, 2024. At this time, you will NOT be able to login and access the Accolade portal/app as mentioned in the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

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