Find specific Blue Shield medical plan information, resources and contacts using the menu below. 

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Medical General Information


(866) 406-1275

Create a Blue Shield Account

Create an Accolade Account

Enroll in Benefits Using BenXcel

Medical Plan Overview

Compare Medical Plans

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Understand the difference between PPOs, EPO, and HDHP medical plans with general overviews of each plan offering, summary of benefits, and evidence of coverage documents.

Choosing a Medical Plan

Find which medical plan is right for you and your family with education on key considerations and insurance terms. 

Search for a Provider

Review resources for finding in-network providers and types of care depending on your healthcare needs. 

Accolade Navigator PPOLearn more about the concierge medical navigation tool offered by Blue Shield.
Medical ID CardsFind important information on ID cards for your Blue Shield medical provider as well as your pharmacy provider. 

Medical Benefit Programs

Find a Blue Shield ProviderIdentify in-network providers for Blue Shield


Access telemedicine care for many non-emergency medical and psychiatric needs using Accolade Care 

Carrum Health

Get access to top surgeons at Centers of Excellence for eligible procedures at little to no cost to you
Hinge HealthConquer joint and back pain, prepare for surgery, and recover from injuries with this personalized exercise therapy program


Utilizes data and technology for a personalized diabetes prevention and management experience

CylinderGet help with all your digestive health needs
OmadaOmada by Express Scripts is a weight management program for qualified members who are at risk for diabetes or heart disease
Employee Health ClinicProvides acute and episodic medical care, wellness, and prevention appointments. Available to all Sheriff's Office employees.

Medical Resources and Education

Annual NoticesReview the current annual notices for the County's medical plan options

Blue Shield Health App

Download the free Blue Shield Health app to find care, check costs, see claims, check all benefits, and view digital ID cards

Newbie Guide to Employer Medical Coverage Get an educational crash course on medical coverage  including a brief summary about the County’s medical benefits. New hires- this is for you!

How to Read Your EOB

Understand how to read your Explanation of Benefits the next time you get a bill from a provider

NeoGov Learn Trainings

Annual Benefits Overview: What You Need to Know


You can find a provider through Blue Shield’s Provider Search feature, or by connecting with an Accolade healthcare assistant.

  • Group Name: PRISM - County of San Luis Obispo
  • Group Number: W8002724
  • Member ID: this is specific to each individual and will be located on your Blue Shield ID card.