Compare Medical Plans

The County of San Luis Obispo offers 5 different types of medical plans for different needs and budgets. Every plan includes free preventive care from network providers to check that you’re staying healthy. Each plan provides its own network of doctors, hospitals and labs. The differences are in cost, flexibility and access to care. For the most current plan information, please review the current Employee Benefits Brochure. 

Review the Summary of Benefits (SOB) or Evidence of Coverages (EOC) to learn more about each individual medical plan.

Unsure what some of these terms mean for you and your dependents? Visit the Choosing a Medical Plan page to learn more about these key terms and other considerations.

Blue Shield Medical Plans and Networks
2024 Plan Name 2024 Network Name
Blue Shield Tandem PPO Tandem PPO Network
Blue Shield Choice PPO Blue Shield of California PPO 
Blue Shield Care PPO
Blue Shield EPO
Blue Shield High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
Blue Shield Medicare PPO
Blue Shield Medicare EPO

Use the plan names and networks information to help you do a Blue Shield Provider Search.

  • Employer Group: "PRISM - County of San Luis Obispo"
  • Group Number: W8002724
Blue Shield Medical Plan Documents
  Blue Shield Tandem Blue Shield Choice Blue Shield Care Blue Shield EPO Blue Shield HDHP
Summary of Benefits (SOB) Tandem PPO SOB  Choice PPO SOB Care PPO SOB EPO SOB HDHP SOB
Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Tandem PPO SBC Choice PPO SBC Care PPO SBC EPO SBC HDHP SBC
Evidence of Coverage (EOC) Tandem PPO EOC Choice PPO EOC Care PPO EOC EPO EOC HDHP EOC
Blue Shield Medicare Plan Documents
  Blue Shield Medicare PPO Blue Shield Medicare EPO
Summary of Benefits (SOB) Medicare PPO SOB Medicare EPO SOB
Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Medicare PPO SBC Medicare EPO SBC
Evidence of Coverage (EOC) Medicare PPO EOC Medicare EPO EOC

Continuity of Care

Any member who has any qualifying medical condition with a non-contracted provider will need to complete a Continuity of Care form (see form below).

  • In Network transitional coverage is provided for 90 days following the date of contract termination.
    • Applies only if members are receiving ongoing care, or are scheduled to receive care, and are not enrolled in a new health plan. Or, if their doctor isn’t in their new plan’s network.
    • Additionally, one of the circumstances listed below must apply:
      • Member is treatment for a serious and complex condition. 
      • are in a hospital or other inpatient facility.
      • are scheduled for non-elective surgery by your current doctor, including your post-operative care for the surgery.
      • are pregnant.
      • are terminally ill

How To Apply: 

  • Fill out the Anthem Continuity of Care form (see below).
  • Contact Anthem at 800-967-3015
  • Contact Accolade for support in this process 866-406-1275

Blue Shield Claims

You can submit manual/paper claims to Blue Shield using the below addresses. 

For claims within California:

Blue Shield of CA

PO Box 272540

Chico, CA 95927-2540

For claims outside of California:

Blue Shield of CA

Attn: Blue Card

PO Box 272630

Chico, CA 95927-2630

Related Forms & Documents

Blue Shield Continuity of Care Form
Anthem Claim Form
Blue Shield Tandem PPO Plan 2024 SOB
Blue Shield Choice PPO Plan 2024 SOB
Blue Shield Care PPO Plan 2024 SOB
Blue Shield EPO Plan 2024 SOB
Blue Shield HDHP Plan 2024 SOB

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