Livongo for Diabetes Management

Livongo for Diabetes makes diabetes management simple. This new and personalized experience helps members understand their blood sugar, develop health lifestyle habits, and improve glycemic control. This program begins on January 1, 2022 and is free for employees and retirees on a medical plan with Express Scripts as their pharmacy, including Medicare. HDHP plan members are not eligible.

Livongo uses data and technology to monitor your personal health status and gives you support when you need it. Coaching and recommendations tailored to your specific needs will help you manage your diabetes in the long term. 

With Livongo, you will get:

  1. Effortless Data Collection: Members will receive a free cellular meter that provides real-time feedback for glucose readings, unlimited strips and lancets, removing barriers for checking, as well as food and activity tracking to better understand lifestyle habits. 
  2. Personalized Health Signals: Members will have access to health challenges that drive small daily changes that result in big wins. Health nudges deliver call to action when members are most receptive during their daily life. 
  3. Human-Centered Approach: Members have 24/7 remote monitoring with emergency outreach in the event of and out of range reading as well as access to 1:1 live coaching from Livongo expert coaches. 

To sign-up for Livongo, visit the website below or call Member Support. 

Contact Information

Registration Code: PRISM

Member Support: (800) 945-4355

Make sure to have your Pharmacy ID available to validate eligibility.