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More than ever, pets play such a huge role in our lives. We want to do everything to keep them safe and healthy. Help make sure your furry family members are protected against unplanned vet expenses for covered accidents or illnesses with MetLife Pet Insurance.

Visits to the vet can be unpredictable and expensive. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), pet parents spend over $31.4 billion on vet care annually and 24% of pet parents have gone into credit card or personal loan debt as a result.

A small monthly payment can help you prepare for those unexpected vet expenses down the road.

What is Pet Insurance?

Similar to how other types of insurance work, such as health insurance for you and your family, pet insurance is coverage for dogs and cats that can help you be prepared for unexpected pet costs. Watch these videos from Hinge Health for more information!

How to Get a Quote and How to Enroll

Get a quote by calling (800) 438-6388 or visiting the Pet Insurance Benefits Booklet below to understand what is included in your Pet Insurance package. For complete instructions on enrolling, see the How to Enroll Guide below.

Enrollment Instructions

  • Step 1: Enter Your Pet's Information
    • Fill out your pet's demographics information:
      • Type (dog, cat, etc.), Name, Age, Color, Gender, Breed Size
    • Add your personal email address (required), work email address (optional), and zip code (required).
  • Step 2: Customize Your Plan
    • Build a plan that best fits you and your pet's needs. You can select from MetLife's Most Balanced, Most Popular, or High Deductible option.
      • You can quote up to 3 pets at a time. For 4 or more pets, call (800) 438-6388.
      • Add-ons are available, such as Preventative Care for routine checkups.
      • If you select "Customize Your Plan," you can customize your benefit, deductible, and reimbursement levels.
    • Once you customize your plan, you will be asked to confirm whether you have other Pet Insurance.
  • Step 3: Contact Information
    • Fill in your demographic information.
    • Select "Go to Payment."
  • Step 4: Credit Card Information
    • Complete the payment section.
    • You will have an opportunity to setup automatic credit card payments. ACH payments are available exclusively through calling the call center.
    • NOTE: all payments for MetLife Pet Insurance will be direct bill. Payments will not be reflected or deducted on your County paystub. 
  • Step 5: Confirm Coverage Purchase
    • Review your selected pet insurance plan:
      • Plan information, monthly rate, effective dates, etc.
    • Select "Purchase" once you've confirmed everything is correct.
  • Step 6: Enrollment Confirmation
    • You will be directed to a page that provides your policy number and plan information. 
    • An email will be sent to your email address on file confirming your purchase.
    • Enrollment is complete!

Use the MetLife Pet Mobile App

With the MetLife Pet mobile app, pet parents can manage their furry family member's health and wellness all in one location. The MetLife Pet app allows you to:

  • Access your pet insurance policy: submit and track claims
  • Manage your pet's health records: upload and view health records and documents all in one location
  • Receive reminders and notifications about upcoming appointments
  • Find nearly pet services: emergency rooms or groomers
  • Live 24/7 Telehealth Concierge Services: get answers and tips by licensed vets from your own home
  • Access personalized articles on topics recommend for you

Watch the MetLife Pet Insurance Mobile App video to learn more.


Contact Information

Phone: (855) 270-7387

Email: [email protected] 


Get a Quote: (800) 438-6388 or


MetLife Pet Insurance: How to Enroll Guide
MetLife Pet Insurance Benefits Booklet