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Voya & Aflac

Voya Claims Submission Process

Submitting a Claim to Voya

Process Overview

Voya disability and life insurance benefits require that claims be submitted directly to Voya. The overview of the general process for disability insurance is available below. For life insurance claims, contact Employee Benefits in HR at 805-781-5959 for claim instructions.

For disability insurance, it is recommended to start the paperwork process 2 – 4 weeks in advance of your disability date. County internal processing takes about 1 - 2 weeks to complete the employer form and cannot be completed until date of disability. All claims are submitted directly to Voya. Voya does not keep individual records of employee enrollment, to discuss questions related to an individual situation, you must submit a claim to Voya.


This service allows County employees the option to purchase voluntary insurance plans to enhance their benefit package.