Report a Suspected Code Violation


Investigation requests are monitored during regular business hours and will be assigned to a Resource Protection Specialist in the order they are received. Your personal information will be kept confidential however you may be called to court if the investigation is referred to the County Hearing Officer and your witness statement is required. Please note that you may also submit an anonymous complaint.

Click here to report a suspected Code Violation on CodeSLO

If you are reporting dangerous or illegal activity, please dial 9-1-1.


How to Use CodeSLO

Click here for a user guide on how to report a suspected Code Violation on CodeSLO


Cannabis Related Activity

The above reporting portal is not intended for reporting cannabis related activity. Click here to report suspected Cannabis related activity.


Short-term Vacation Rental Hotline for Nights, Weekends, and Holidays

Click here to report or call about an unlicensed short-term vacation rental on nights, weekends, and holidays.