Residential Naming Convention Guides

1. When applying for a permit electronically we require a specific naming convention to facilitate the submittal and plan review process.  

2. Once you have been given a building permit number, if the prefix to the number starts with any of the following prefixes listed below, the naming conventions will need to be followed.  
3. Building permit will be broken down into different Permit Case Types (Prefixes) and work classes. The following are the different Prefixes and Permit Case Types available in the County’s Permitting System for residential projects. Please select the prefix below that is for your residential building permit to see the required naming conventions:

RBLD - Residential New Structure

FNDN - Foundation Only

RALT - Residential Addition/Alteration

GRAD - Grading

PLCH - Plan Check Only

OWTS - Septic

RDMO - Residential Demolition

RENW - Renewable Energy

RMEP - Residential Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing


*Please note if there is an “ASB” after the permit case type, the permit is an “As-Built” and the naming conventions are the same as the original Permit Case Type.


4. When the initial review has been completed by all applicable departments, you will be contacted that corrections are ready for their review. The notification will also include conditions (hold items), 
outstanding fees, and school fee forms, if applicable.  

5. After corrections have been completed by the Applicant, in the resubmittal, the documents need to be uploaded, with Permit prefix, permit number, naming convention and the revision number at the end.

  • V2, V3, etc.  
    • Example naming convention: Plans-RBLDS2023-00000-V2

6. Once the Plans Examiner and all the reviewers approve the plans, the Land Use Tech will notify the Applicant of any outstanding conditions that will need to be met and remaining fees to be paid prior to issuing the permit.

7. The Land Use Tech will email Construction Permit forms for applicant to sign and return. Once 
Construction Permit forms are returned the plans will be available for applicant to print and have 
available on the job site. 


• Please submit a complete set of plans and supporting documents at initial submittal with the proper naming conventions. At resubmittal a complete set of plans with supporting documents with the proper naming conventions will also be required. Trickling in of documents is not accepted and can result with an additional round of corrections. 

• Initial deposit does not constitute total building permit fees. Permit fees will be calculated by a Land Use Tech. Initial deposit will be applied against permit fees, and the balance of permit fees will be given at time of correction notification. For a fee estimate, please contact the Building Department at  805-781-5600.

• Please submit all the plans and documents at initial submittal and resubmittal.

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