Structural Observation Program

The goal of the program is to bring consistency and clear direction to the structural observation process. All required documentation is separated out for easy submittal, review, and acceptance. The entire process is described, from identifying the structural observer to the hiring of the structural observer to the structural observation processes and expectations, and finally, to the acceptance of the required final report. The roles and responsibilities for all parties are clarified. Additionally, fillable PDF forms allow effortless preparation of the required documents.

  1. The “Structural Observation Program” explains the entire process with expectations for all parties as well as references to the associated required forms.
  2. The “Structural Observation Program & Structural Observer Designation” (BLD-1036) is a required form that must be attached to the submitted plan set that documents the name of the structural observer and the structural observation schedule, to be reviewed and approved by the building official. 
  3. The “Structural Observation Report” (BLD-1037) is a required form to be used for all reporting, and sheets may be attached as necessary depending on the scope of the deficiencies observed. The form should be used for every report, as the designation of final report can be determined by the using the appropriate checkbox on the form. This form always requires the structural design professional’s stamp.
  4. The “General Notes of Structural Observation” (BLD-2036) is provided for the ease of use in attaching the required general notes to the submitted plans. 

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