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Name Description
DAC Needs Assessment (Prop 1)
Groundwater Banking Plan
Paso Robles Groundwater Model Update
Santa Maria Groundwater Basin Characterization
Watershed Management Project

The San Luis Obispo Flood plan to Implement Flood Control Projects


Details the Regional Permitting Program which consists of the Regional Permit Plan and The Environmental Management System for the County of San Luis Obispo

2008-12-01 Data Enhancement Plan

The Data Enhancement Plan is a regional water monitoring program designed to provide data for planning, design, and operational purposes, yet it is also designed to be flexible and to change over time.

Identification of Basins requiring Salt and Nutrient Management Plans (SNMP)

The purpose of this memorandum is to identify the basin study areas where Salt and Nutrient Management Plans are needed, relevant stakeholders who may be appropriate to lead the development of each, and regional priorities.

Reigonal Recycled Water Strategic Plan

The purpose of the RRWSP is to identify and prioritize potentially viable next steps in successfully implementing water reclamation across the County in a safe and cost-effective manner.

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