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Name Description Type Action
Blue Bag Partnership Pilot Final Report The Blue Bag Partnership Pilot effort was a 4-week collaborative effort to voluntarily remove trash from a creekside homeless encampment and was supported by law enforcement, local agencies, non-profit organizations, and homeless community members. File Download
Cayucos-creek-Vicinity-Map-2019 Cayucos Creek Vicinity Map Nov 2019 File Download
Huasna-Road-Delays-Vicinity-Map-Pole-Replacement PGE Pole Replacement Huasna Road File Download
18-19-Asphalt-Overlay-Vicinity-Map 18-19 Asphalt Overlay Vicinity Map File Download
Map-of-Flight-Area-Paso-Basin-Aerial-Groundwater-Mapping Map Paso Basin Groundwater Survey Flight Area File Download
Paso-Basin-Groundwater-Sustainability-Agencies-Boundaries-if-Modified-20191011-(002) Paso Basin GSA Boundaries if Modified 11/2019 File Download
PRB_Map Paso Basin GSP Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Bridge-Re-opening-Vicinity-Map Re-opening of North River Road at Huerhuero Creek Bridge in Paso Robles File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Vicinity-Map-1st-Street-Beach-Accessway-Cayucos 1st Street Beach Accessway Cayucos File Download
AHC-Vicinity-Map Atascadero Health Clinic Roofing Project File Download
All-way-Stop-on-Tefft-at-Mesa-Vicinity-Map File Download
Location-Map Vicinity map of Halcyon Road at The Pike in Arroyo Grande. File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-All-way-Stop-on-San-Luis-Bay-Drive-Vicinity-Map Vicinity Map of Stop Signs - San Luis Bay Drive at Ontario Road File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Estrella-Rv-Br-Vicinity-Map Estrella River Bridge Vicinity Map File Download
Price-Canyon-Road-Construction-Vicinity-Map Price Canyon Road Construction Vicinity Map File Download
River Road-Vicinity-Map UPDATE: Closure of River Road at Huerhuero Creek In Paso Robles File Download
River Road-FAQ-Sheet UPDATE: Closure of River Road at Huerhuero Creek In Paso Robles File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-GSC-mtg-Vicinity-Map Vicinity Map of San Luis Obispo Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies and Coverage Areas File Download
PRESS-RELASE-SLO-Public-Health-320093-VicinityMap SLO Public Health Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-300575-Signalized-Intersection-vic-map PRESS-RELEASE-300575 Signalized Intersection Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-New-Bridge-at-Huerhuero-Creek New Bridge at Huerhuero Creek, at Geneseo Road and Creston Road File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Sidewalk-Improv-Paso-Robles-St,-Oceano-Vicinity-Map Sidewalk Improvements Paso Robles Street Oceano Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Tree-Removal-Prefumo-Canyon-Rd Tree Removal Prefumo Canyon Road File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-300585-Templeton-Ramp-Closure-Vic-Map Vicinity Map of Highway 101 Ramp Closure in Templeton File Download Paso GCP Link External Link SLO County Water Org Site Link External Link
PRESS-RELEASE-Tree-Removal-Prefumo-Canyon-Vicinity-Map Vicinity Map of Prefumo Canyon File Download
Press-Release-Alamo-Creek-245R12B439-Vicinity-Map Press Release Alamo Creek Road Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Klau-Mine-Slope-repair-Vicinity-Map VIcinity Map for Klau Mine Road Slope repair Press Release File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Lane-Closure-Prefumo-Cyn-Rd-Vicinity-map Prefumo Canyon Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Main-Street-Templeton-300585-Vic-Map Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-8th-Street-Closure-Templeton-Detour-Plan2 Map of 8th Street closure in Templeton File Download
Press-Release-AC-Overlay-Main-St-Temp-300585 300585 Main Street Templeton Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Road-Closure-on-Cottontail-Creek-Road-Map Road Closure on Cottontail Creek Road Vicinity Map File Download
12-22-2017 Cancellation of Boil Water Notice for Shandon Water Cancellation of the Boil Water notice sent 12-19-2017. File Download
12-19-2017 Boil Water Notice for Shandon Boil water notice sent to Shandon residents due to water main break. File Download
9-28-2017-Avila-Beach-Road-Work File Download
9-28-2017-Avila-Beach-Road-Work-Vicinity-Map File Download
9-27-2017-Library-Maintenance File Download
8-16-2017-Quagga-Mussels-screening File Download
8-4-2017-Chip-Seal-Various-County-Roads File Download
7-31-2017-Lopez-and-Whale-Rock-Dams-Spillway File Download
7-7-2017-Los-Osos-Basin-Fringe-July-26-Mtg File Download
7-7-2017-Hi-Mtn-Rd-Closure File Download
7-6-2017-Left-Turn-Lane-Nacimiento-Lake-Drive File Download
6-20-2017-Underground-Utilities-District-construction File Download
6-19-2017-Asphalt-Overlay-Various-South-County-Roads File Download
6-15-2017-Kansas-and-Oklahoma-Waterline-Improvement-Project File Download
6-8-2017-Salinas-River-Live-Stream File Download
6-2-2017-Klau-Creek-Bridge-Cypress-Mtn-Drive File Download
5-23-2017-San-Juan-Creek-Pedestrian-Bridge File Download
5-18-17-Cayucos-Pier-Warranty-Repair-Work File Download
12-29-2014-APWA-Accreditation File Download
5-17-2018_2017-18-Surface-treat-maps Area maps for construction to begin May 21, 2018 (2017-18 Surface treatment various roads) File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Bitterwater-Valley-Road-Culvert-Repair-Vicinity-Map Bitterwater Valley Road Culvert Repair Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Chimney-Rock-Vicinity-Map Chimney Rock Road Debris Removal Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-El-Camino-Real-vicinity-map El Camino Real at Santa Margarita Creek Proposed Bridge Replacement Vicinity Map File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-for-Nipomo-300599-maps Surface Treatment Nipomo File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-So-Tejas-Traffic-Circle-041018_Location-map South Tejas Place and Ida Place, Nipomo Traffic Circle location map File Download
Press-Release-Vicinity-Map-300575-Signal-Activation Vicinity Map of Signal Activation at South Bay Boulevard and Nipomo Avenue File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Vicinity-Map-Groundwater-Mgmt-and-Planning-Workshop Vicinity Map - Groundwater Management and Planning File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Vicinity-Map-Oceano-Drainage-Project Oceano Drainage Project File Download
PRESS-RELEASE-Vicinity-Map-River-Road-Bridge-Closure-Paso-Robles Vicinity Map - River Road Bridge Closure, Paso Robles File Download
Sea-Pines-Connection-Vicinity-Map Sea Pines Wastewater Irrigation Valve Location File Download
Sea-Pines-Connection-Vicinity-Map Sea Pines Wastewater Irrigation Valve Location File Download
Sea-Pines-Connection-Vicinity-Map Press Release - Sea Pines Vicinity Map File Download
Sea-Pines-Connection-Vicinity-Map Press Release - Sea Pines Vicinity Map File Download
UPDATE-PRESS-RELEASE-300599-Cambria-Surface-Treatment-map 300599 Cambria Surface Treatment Location Map File Download
Press-Release-300599-2017-18-Surface-Treatment-County-Roads-Site-3-Cambria-Vicinity-Map 2017-18 Surface Treatment on Main Street and Burton Drive in Cambria File Download
Vicinity-Map Vivinity Map Estrella River Bridge at River Grove Dr File Download
River Road Vicinity Map Nacimiento Water Pipeline Construction on River Road in Paso Robles File Download
Vicinity-Map-Estella-Rv-Br-at-River-Grove-Dr File Download
Vicinity-Map-Jack-Creek-Bridge Jack Creek Road Bridge File Download
Vicinity Map - GSC Regular Meeting Location GSC Regular Meeting Location File Download
Vicinity-Maps-300614 2018-19 Surface Treatment Location Maps - 200614 File Download
Vicinity-Maps-300614 Surface Treatment Map File Download

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