Stormwater at Your Construction Site

Stormwater pollution is caused when rainwater runs off of disturbed areas, stockpiles, or storage yards and picks up pollutants such as sediment, oils, or chemicals from leaks or spills. These pollutants are transported into the storm sewers and directly into our lakes, streams, and the ocean.

Most people are surprised to learn that stormwater is a leading cause of water pollution across the country. Most stormwater is NOT treated before it enters the creeks or ocean; whatever material the water collects as it runs off is transported directly to our creeks or ocean.

There are many simple ways that construction sites in San Luis Obispo County can help prevent stormwater pollution. For more information check out the Resources and Frequently Asked Questions and Answers below.


Stormwater Requirements for New Construction
Stormwater Management During Construction
Post-Construction Stormwater Management
Stormwater Dry Well or Infiltrator Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the required elements of an erosion and sediment control plan for my construction site?

The requirements for erosion and sediment control plans are detailed on the erosion and sediment control plan checklist.

Why does my construction site have to implement BMPs but neighboring agriculture operations do not?

Irrigated agricultural operations are regulated separately by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board through the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. Agricultural operations are subject to many different requirements than construction operations.

What are the main construction stormwater violations my site should try to avoid?

Correction notices are commonly issued for sediment track-out, poor waste management, and poor erosion control. Review the Construction Stormwater BMPs poster (prints are available by request, email [email protected]).

How can I report polluted stormwater runoff coming from a construction site?

Planning and Building responds to complaints, questions, and comments regarding potential pollution from active construction sites. Planning and Building can be contacted by phone (805) 781-5600.

If you’re unsure about the source of pollution, check out the Pollution Prevention and Response Page

Contact Public Works via web form, email, or call us at (805) 781-5252.