Stormwater at Your Home

Stormwater runoff is precipitation that flows across the land. Stormwater may infiltrate into soil, discharge directly into streams, water bodies, or drain inlets, or evaporate back into the atmosphere. In the natural environment, most precipitation is absorbed by trees and plants or soaks into the ground. In the built environment rain that falls on a roof, driveway, patio or lawn runs off the surface more rapidly, picking up pollutants as it goes. This stormwater runoff flows into streams or storm drains that discharge into waterways like our creeks and rivers, which eventually flow to the ocean.

There are many simple ways that residents of San Luis Obispo County can help prevent stormwater pollution. Check out the County’s top 10 Ways to Prevent Local Stormwater Pollution for simple ways to help. For more information check out the resources below:


10 Ways to Prevent Local Stormwater Pollution Brochure

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