An inmate in the Sheriff's Office Honor Farm Sewing Program shares how impactful this donation to Meade Canine Rescue is to her.

Women's Honor Farm Sewing Program Donates Handmade Items to Meade Canine Rescue

This month the Sheriff's Office Women's Honor Farm Sewing Program made a donation of hundreds of handmade items to Meade Canine Rescue.

Demonstration of SmartWater CSI on a watch.

SmartWater CSI Now Available in San Luis Obispo County

Sheriff Parkinson has announced a new state-of-the-art, crime-fighting tool called SmartWater CSI, designed to reduce agriculture thefts.

Homicide suspect, Arthur Rudy Martinez.

Suspect Identified in 41-year-old Homicide Cold Case

Sheriff Parkinson announced today the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office has identified a suspect in two 41-year-old homicide cases from Atascadero.

County leaders celebrated the transition of inmate health care services at County Jail to Wellpath.

County Welcomes New Jail Health Care Service Provider

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to welcome Wellpath as the new contracted provider to provide Jail Health Care Services, starting February 1, 2019.

Keep your loved ones safe with the Smart911 app

Smart911 Now Available for SLO County Residents

The Sheriff's Office announced today that Smart911 is now available in San Luis Obispo County. Smart911 is a free service that allows individuals and families to sign up online to provide key...