An inmate in the Sheriff's Office Honor Farm Sewing Program shares how impactful this donation to Meade Canine Rescue is to her.

Women's Honor Farm Sewing Program Donates Handmade Items to Meade Canine Rescue

Author: Sheriff's Office
Date: 10/22/2019 4:44 PM

This month the Sheriff's Office Women's Honor Farm Sewing Program made a donation of hundreds of handmade items to Meade Canine Rescue.

On October 15th the Women’s Honor Farm presented hundreds of dog coats, sweaters, beds, blankets, leashes, and bandanas made by the inmates to Meade Canine Rescue. Charlotte Meade and Elaine Giannini accepted the handcrafted items.

Meade Canine Rescue’s mission is to help alleviate the pet overpopulation problem that results tragically in the euthanasia of millions of healthy sentient canines who deserve so much more. With proper food, shelter, medical care, exercise and love, MCR has rehabilitated thousands of dogs. In 2012, they incorporated a 12-acre California ranch in Creston as a sanctuary almost entirely for seniors and special needs animals with nowhere to turn. Adopters and sponsors are welcome, and donations greatly appreciated as MCR depends solely on donations for its operations.

The Women’s Honor Farm Sewing Program began in 2013 and has grown and flourished over the past 6 years with many different donations and presentations. All of the items are made from donated materials and fabrics. Various organizations in the community receive the handcrafted items made by the inmates. In turn, the inmates feel the satisfaction of giving back to their community and a sense of compassion and caring many have never experienced before. “This donation is a bit different than any other as we are donating to dogs but it is very special. This was such a great idea and tugs at our heart strings. We can make the lives of many dogs waiting to cross the Rainbow Bridge better. It’s all about acts of kindness,” said Senior Correctional Deputy Piotrowski.