Potassium Iodide (KI) Pre-Distribution

What is the process?

Obtain Voucher

Download a Potassium Iodide voucher from this link

* A voucher can also be found in the San Luis Obispo County Calendar, published annually by the Office of Emergency Services in conjunction with PG&E. This calendar is mailed to all postal customers within the Public Education Zone (PEZ).

Fill out one voucher for all household members

  1. Fill out the PAZ number in which you live or work. Refer to the PAZ map to determine your zone.
  2. Fill in the number of Adults, Children who weigh less than 150 pounds and Children who weigh more than 150 pounds.

Pick up KI from a Pre-distribution location

Bring your identification and your completed voucher to:

County of SLO Public Health Department Locations
Grover Beach: 286 S. 16th St.(805-473-7050)
San Luis Obispo: 2191 Johnson Ave. (805-781-5500)

Who can use this service?

If you live or work within Protective Action Zones (PAZs) 1 through 12, you may obtain your personal supply of Potassium Iodide.

Is there a charge for this service?

This service is provided free of charge.

When and where is this service offered?

This service is available throughout the year during regular business hours except during scheduled holidays at the following locations:

  •  San Luis Obispo Public Health Department, 2191 Johnson Ave., San Luis Obispo

            (805) 781-5500 Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm

  • Grover Beach Public Health Department, 286 S. 16th St., Grover Beach

           (805) 473-7050 Monday - Thursday 8am - Noon, 1pm - 5pm

Location, directions and hours of operation

Click on location name to show hours of operation, directions and phone information

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