Public Administrator

The Public Administrator investigates and may administer the estates of San Luis Obispo County residents who die under the following circumstances:

  • With no next of kin.
  • With no appropriate person willing or able to act as administrator.
  • When appointed by the court because of an extraordinary situation.

The duties of the Public Administrator include:

  • Protect the decedent's property from waste, loss, or theft.
  • Conduct a thorough on-site investigation to discover wills, pre-planned funeral arrangements, and estate assets and debts.
  • Make appropriate burial arrangements according to the decedent's will, burial instructions, or department policy.
  • Open a summary or formal probate with the Superior Court when necessary.
  • Manage, insure, and sell real and personal property as required.
  • Pay decedent's bills and taxes
  • Locate persons entitled to inherit from the estate and ensure that these individuals receive their inheritance


Deceased County Resident Estate Administration