Special Prosecutions

Special Prosecutions investigates and prosecutes a variety of economic and environmental violations, resulting in both criminal and civil actions.  Areas of focus include Public Integrity, Consumer Protection, Environmental Enforcement, Major Fraud, Real Estate Fraud and various forms of Insurance Fraud.  These cases are often complex, involving many victims, extensive investigation, novel business schemes or organizations and large volumes of documents. 

The District Attorney’s Office also provides services to support consumers and merchants, such as the Bad Check Program and the Small Claims Court Advisory.

Our expert investigative team assigned to our Special Prosecutions Unit investigate the following crimes: white collar crime, financial crime, real estate fraud, elder abuse, embezzlement, consumer and environmental crimes, and public corruption: 

Sr. DA Investigator Eric Vitale 

Sr. DA Investigator Fred Pflum

Sr. DA Investigator Nick Coughlin


Bad Check Program

Small Claims Court Advisory