Real Estate Fraud

Real estate development and sales are on the rise in San Luis Obispo County.  With this comes the increased prospect of real estate fraud.  Special Prosecutions aggressively investigates and prosecutes real estate fraud in our county.  Real estate fraud is any criminal fraud involving a “real estate instrument” as defined in California Government Code section 27388(a)(1).  Examples of real estate fraud include the fraudulent sale of secured interests in real property, the fraudulent transfer of real property, recording of forged documents, and foreclosure and loan modification scams.  Real estate fraud cases are prosecuted in the criminal courts.  The unit also aims to increase public awareness of real estate fraud issues through presentations to local groups when called upon. 
If you would like to report suspected real estate fraud please complete a REAL ESTATE FRAUD REFERRAL FORM  and send to Office of the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney, Real Estate Fraud Unit, 1035 Palm St, 4th Floor, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408.