Inclusion and Belonging Circular January-March 2024

Author: Behavioral Health
Date: 1/1/2024 2:10 PM

County of San Luis Obispo, Behavioral Health Department, Inclusion and Belonging Circular, January-March 2024.

The DEI Committee: Our Shared Journey

 In our dedicated journey towards creating a more inclusive and understanding community, the County of San Luis Obispo Behavioral Health Department's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee stands as a beacon of commitment to progress. We are wholeheartedly committed to fostering cultural humility at all organizational and service levels. Our mission transcends beyond awareness; it is about actively engaging in respect, access, empowerment, and understanding the diverse tapestry of individuals, cultures, ethnic groups, genders, gender identities and expressions, sexualities, abilities, veteran statuses, spiritual affiliations, and linguistic backgrounds that enrich our community.

We are enthusiastic about leading, developing, enhancing, and maintaining a culturally-aware workforce, shaping policies, services, and programs that not only embrace but celebrate our community's diversity. Our focused efforts are dedicated to ensuring improved healthcare outcomes for every individual, honoring their unique identities and experiences.

In line with our vision of making diversity, equity, and inclusion the foundational values of our behavioral health services and management operations, we are excited to share our 'Inclusion & Belonging Circular.' This quarterly publication will be a cornerstone in our collective journey towards well-being. It will highlight vital information, resources, and services within our community, supporting us all on this path of inclusive excellence.

Through the 'Inclusion & Belonging Circular' and our ongoing efforts, we aspire to build an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued, and where the well-being of each individual is our shared responsibility. Enjoy!